Affordable Futures Trading for Home Investors ***Only 50 cents per point DJIA *** $2.00 per point NASDAQ100 *** and just $5.00 per point S&P500---- The new MICRO Stock Index Futures Contracts-- The New CME Micro Futures Trading -- lower margins and only 85-cent commissions!

New Book: Day Trading the New Micro Index Futures

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The New Micro Futures Index Contracts
Smaller and More Manageable

“CME Group has accurately pinpointed the need for smaller contracts aimed at more risk-averse speculators, or those with smaller accounts… This means instead of a trader making or losing $50 per point in the S&P or $20 per point in the NASDAQ, they will make or lose a more manageable $5 or $2 respectively…” – Carley Garner, – “A Game Changer for retail traders.”

I think it’s a huge deal…It directly benefits at-home traders,” said Jim Iuorio, managing director at TJM Institutional Services – CNBC TV Futures Now

“A new way to trade futures around economic reports…An active trader will be able to more precisely manage risk for less cash and less margin… Because of the (smaller) size of this product, a trader may have the opportunity to scale in and out of positions using less capital.” – Scott Bauer, CEO Prosper Trading Academy

“We have been in a 10-year bull market… and these smaller products can make it less expensive to trade,” said Stephanie Lewicky, senior manager for futures & forex at TD Ameritrade. “They are great products for a trader who would like exposure but do not want the pricier E-mini contract”

“Smaller-bite” contracts like the Micros can sometimes offer greater accessibility for individual investors.” – Bruce Blythe, Ag reporter for Dow Jones Newswires, Reuters, and Bloomberg,


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