Affordable Futures Trading for Home Investors ***Only 50 cents per point DJIA *** $2.00 per point NASDAQ100 *** and just $5.00 per point S&P500---- The new MICRO Stock Index Futures Contracts-- The New CME Micro Futures Trading -- lower margins and only 85-cent commissions!

Selecting a Broker to Day Trade the Micro Stock Index Futures

My book sales and the affiliate link here fund my Day Trading Micro E-Minis channel.  Your support is very much appreciated. – Don

For Day Trading Micro E-Minis I use and recommend TASTYWORKS.

If you choose TastyWorks, please use my affiliate link, this link to sign up: TASTYWORKS 

When you apply ASK FOR “the Works” account type to make sure you get all the features to trade the Micro E-Minis.

Here are my reasons:

Oh, TW has zero commission stock trading, and stock options are only $1.00 round trip.
Low Commissions:  Only 85 cents per side to trade any of the MICRO FUTURES contracts.

They have an easy 5- minute online account application.  When you apply, choose futures trading – and they will sign you up for futures trading, margin account, and you’ll have everything ready when you fund the account.  Your new account can be up and ready to trade in about two days.

The intraday (day trading) initial margin requirement for the   Micro E-Minis is about $200 to $300*** with accounts of $2,500 or more.    

*** You can open an account and trade the Micros with a minimum $2000 account size now.   

Fill out the account application now – and then fund your account (at any time) when are ready to start.  Thank you.


When you click the link:  TASTYWORKS  — just select JOINT or REGULAR, or IRA and you are on your way.  Sign up for “THE WORKS” account type to get all the authorizations you need to trade the Micro E-Minis.  You do NOT have to fund your account to fill out the application, you can do that later.

If you haven’t see the TastyWorks video, just click it here:


Here is my affiliate link to open an account: TASTYWORKS 

$2,000 minimum to fund a new account (for stocks, futures, and options.)  You get approved for all of it right away.

You can transfer money both IN and OUT of your account with NO FEES and it takes ONE BUSINESS DAY, sometimes two days depending on the time of day you make the request.  They use the ACH transfer method which is free.  No expensive wiring money or high transfer fees.

SPAN Minimum Margin requirements: The lowest available  (All brokers do not offer this.  This is the absolute lowest any broker is allow to offer; it’s a great deal. )

What I like best for BEGINNERS at TastyWorks is that the software (iOS/Mac, tablet, PC, Desktop, and mobile are all FREE.) And they are very EASY and QUICK to learn.

My video channel that uses TastyWorks has videos to teach you all for free.  I do ask, if  you like the videoes on the channel and wish to keep them coming, please consider using my TastyWorks affiliate link here: TastyWorks

And  I have a book with all the details of trading the Micro E-Minis, the only book exclusively about these futures and the first one to be published on Amazon, please find out more about the book here: BOOK 

My affiliate link to TastyWorks and my book sales are used to keep the channel with all the free videos going. 
I sincerely thank you and hope that EVERY DAY IS A PAYDAY FOR YOU.   thank you – Don A. Singletary

Don A. Singletary

Or for book info -you can just touch/ click the cover:

Please use my TASTYWORKS affiliate link for info and the quick 5-minute  account application

Please use my TASTYWORKS affiliate link for info and the quick 5-minute  account application


Thank you – Don Singletary

Here’s a link to a one-minute segment of video that lists ALL the things your broker should have, a quick list of essential things you can expect from a good broker:

Here’s a list of services you MUST have (free) in a broker:

  1. Commissions under $1 for Micros, and zero commissions for stock trading.
  2. Free Software, free quotes, and free money transfers in/out your bank.
  3. Software for all devices and easy-to-use / easy-to-learn.
  4. Live Help Lines / Customer Service  No robots, push button menus: Must have real live customer service.
    Free Videos, Webinars, Interactive Video screen help.


Here’s a screen shot of the setup I use in the Day Trading Videos using Tastyworks:  This is my standard  NASDAQ100 Micro E-ini, using 5m Candlesticks and the classic MACD indicator:

If you want to setup your TastyWorks screen exactly like mine (as used in my videos), here is a new video with the instructions to do that:

Thank you.  Here’s the sign up link for TastyWorks again for you, my affiliate link:TASTYWORKS


Don A. Singletary



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